ABOUT ME. Olga Modjaro

With me, you will be able to fulfill bold desires or show your real self.


I’m Olga Modjaro, a professional travel photographer with over 10 years of experience capturing moments for my blogs. However, in 2022, I was drawn to photographing people, especially in wedding and portrait photography, and I instantly fell in love with it! Since then, I’ve been honing my skills in this direction, shooting in two countries: Minsk (Belarus) and France.

Perpetual optimist, French Châteaux and Italian pasta lover. Bag (Loewe and Chanel particular) are my weakness.

Photography has been my great love since 2013. Over the years, I’ve captured hotels, restaurants, and resorts, traveling with travel companies to create content for social media (UAE, Spain, Mauritius, etc.). Recently, I’ve started capturing people. Photography, for me, is not just random shots; it’s a moment, a memory, a connection with the place or people I capture. I consider myself an artist. When I photograph, I pay attention to every detail: light, air, the play of light and shadow, giving my photos depth and making you feel it. If you’ve hired me (or want to hire me) as your photographer, it means we share common values and visual aesthetics.

Most often, people who come to me have never stood in front of a camera before, and there’s a charm and enchantment in that. I derive immense pleasure from helping them feel like heroes of their own film, capturing their natural beauty and genuine happiness.

I’m always improving and seeking to learn something new. I take numerous courses in photography, retouching, posing, design, etc. I’ve attended workshops with Belarusian and French photographers, studied modeling and posing, completed training in the luxury industry with Inside LVMH, and now I’m deeply immersed in studying interior photography.

My style and I represent a combination of nobility, elegance, and thoughtfulness. Attention to detail, ideation, coherence, modernity, aesthetics, naturalness, harmony, and uniqueness are what I strive to portray in my photos. I adore the “colonial Africa” style and the aesthetic of the book “Murder on the Orient Express.” You can also see this in my personal Instagram account and my blogs. It’s impossible to convey all of this, love it, but not live it!

I have a travel blog: OLGAMODJARO.COM. There, you can get even closer to me and learn more about my greatest passion—photography. Also, discover information about collaboration and much more.